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Aardvark Painting knows one of the most exciting aspects of  Interior or Exterior painting  of your home is the use of color. Color cannot only dramatically change your home environment but is also one of the easiest and least expensive ways to achieve it. Color can infuse your home with life, calm, relax you or rejuvenate your spirit. Color is personal. It can make a bold statement or it can be subdued and mellow. Color seems to intimidate many people. Your interior or exterior house painting begins with a one-on-one color consultation.  Selecting the right paint color paint for your home/office or exterior is key to enjoying your home for years to come and the quality of our paint ensures that your paint job will last a long time.  Take the color personality test online to see  what colors best match your personality.  Whether it’s a powder room or master bedroom suite the foyer or the dining room, a professional color consultation can really pull it all together with the right color combination–ask us about the Free color consultation.

Having trouble choosing your colors?  Are you feeling discouraged? Aardvark Painting, Inc. is partnered with some of the best Chicago color consultants and interior designers in the Chicago area.

Aardvark Painting
Benjamin Moore Paints  offers an interactive tool that enables you to select colors and see the finished paint job before you even begin. This tool allows you to Paint different Interior & Exteriors scenarios or upload a photo without leaving home. Use This Virtual Painting Tool 

Sherwin Williams Paints offers coordinated color schemes inspire and saturate your paint color palette. This color tool is perfect for homeowners, wanting to find the perfect color, for their perfect room. Use This Color Tool.
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Glidden Professional Paints offers a simple virtual Room Painter. Select your color, drag the brush over and paint your room from ceilings to the floor, simple to use. Choose from a vast array of  vibrant colors. Virtual Room Painter.

 ******Note: Do to different screen resolutions and variations of paint colors Colors may vary substantially. It is always best to  visit your local  paint store for color swatches and  Mini paint samples.

We offer a Free Mini-Samples so you can be sure of your color by sampling it before we begin painting.  As a leading residential painting company in Chicago, Aardvark Painting Inc. will offer you a painting cost estimate and color consulting early in the process. This service is free (up to 3 colors) for contracted work over $1000.00. Mini-Samples are available at all major paint suppliers for about $5-$8 per pint and are the most accurate way to see what your color will look like on your painted surface.

 Choosing the right Sheen

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    Use Flat or Matte paint for formal and little-used rooms that don’t require frequent cleaning, such as a master bedroom. Flat paint also works well on ceilings.
  • 2
    Choose a Satin or Eggshell and Low Luster sheen for rooms that see daily use, such as a family room or child’s bedroom. The slightly glossy sheen is easier to clean than flat paint, but doesn’t reflect too much light.
  • 3
    Use Semi-gloss paint for high-traffic areas that require frequent scrubbing, such as a kitchen or bathroom. This sheen can handle extra cleaning without flaking or losing integrity and hold up better in ares with high moisture  levels that shower produces .
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    Choose a High-gloss paint for wall and door trim and cabinetry. High gloss is too shiny for regular walls, but is durable and easily cleaned, and provides a smooth finish for furniture.


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******Note: Do to different screen resolutions and variations of paint colors Colors may vary substantially. It is always best to  visit your local  paint store for color swatches and  Mini paint samples.