Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is the fastest, cleanest, most economical method of mechanical surface preparation available.  It is a mechanical etching process that cleans and profiles concrete substrates to achieve an optimum surface for bonding of industrial and commercial grade coatings, cementitious overlays and toppings, etc.  The shot blaster is actually comprised of two machines; the motor driven blast unit with a magnetically sealed blast chamber, and a large dust collecting vacuum.  The steel shot blasting media recirculates through the blast chamber while the dust and debris are whisked to the dust collector; a virtually dust free system.  HEPA filters may be added to the dust collector to provide an even greater degree of return air filtration for stringent air quality applications.  Due to the striped blast pattern effect typical of shot blasting, it is not recommended as the method of prep for thin-mil coating systems or thin cementitious micro-topping systems especially where removal of existing coatings, adhesives, etc. is required.  Shot blasting through existing coatings, adhesives, etc. exacerbates the striped blast pattern effect, greatly increasing the probability of unwanted transference through the new system.  Toughstuff recommends diamond grinding as surface prep for thin-mil coatings and micro-toppings.  Toughstuff’s shot blasting equipment is set up to run on 480 volt, 3-phase electricity, which we’re able to provide ourselves with our fleet of tow able generators.

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