Aluminum Painting/Aluminium Siding Painting

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Can you paint  aluminium siding?….Yes!

There tens of thousands of house and building in Chicagoland that need Quality Aluminum Siding Painters in Chicago. Many homeowners are shocked to learn that both aluminum and vinyl siding can be restored to a “better than new” appearance with a properly applied Acrylic Latex  paint and the addition of emulsa bond, and at a cost that is typically 25-30% of replacement siding. It’s savings that many homeowners lately become suspicious, wondering if painting their siding will just start a cycle of repainting, year after year, the facts are you get double or more life from properly cleaned and repainted siding, since we’re renewing only the finish over a sound, long-lasting aluminum or vinyl substrate- and that you could spend, for example, $2,500 instead of $7,500 to $10,000 for newly installed siding- their reservations vanish.  Repainting either material will extend its useful life many more years and give it a beautiful appearance with the same appearance of Brand New Siding. For smaller surfaces such as soffits, trim, shutters, gutters and downspouts that become discolored from acidic rain runoff, repainting is a sound solution that works equally well.
Your Aluminum siding painting quote will be exact, detailed and include written explanations of the different stages in the painting that your home will need to look great and last a long time!

  1. Your work is performed buy Expert Chicago Aluminium Siding Painters.
  2. Your house will be professionally power washed and scrubbed prior to painting to remove all chaulking.
  3.  Drop clothes, Tarps and plastic will be used to protect from drips, paint chips and other construction debris.
  4. All windows, light fixtures, doors, roof, etc. will be covered prior to painting.
  5. Emulsa Bond will be added to the first coat of paint for superior adhesion/flex (will last 10+ years without chipping or peeling).
  6. Clean up and organize equipment at the end of each day.