Caulking & Sealing

John Lee CaulkingCaulking will only take place when a solid stain/paint is being applied and the gap is less than ¼th of an inch. This will prevent your paint from chipping and keep it looking great for a long time. Your quote for sealing and caulking will be exact, detailed and include written explanations of what steps are necessary to keep your home protected from weathering and peeling.

  1. Your house will be professionally power washed prior to painting.
  2. Tarps and drop clothes will be used to protect from drips.
  3. All windows, light fixtures, doors, roof, etc. will be covered prior to painting.
  4. All minor cracks in stucco will be sealed with caulk or Elasto Meric Patching prior to painting.
  5. Clean up at the end of each day.