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Metal Stairs & Balcony Painting in Chicago

Before Metal Deck Restoration in Chicago Aardvark Painting Inc.
You may ask “How can I stop or slow down rust and corrosion on my metal surfaces?” Well the answer to that question is a simple one, prevent it. Rust and corrosion never sleep it eats away your metal decks & balconies 24-7.
Aardvark Painting is your Exterior Painting contractor in Chicago for painting all your Rusted & corroded  Exterior Wrought Iron railings, Metal Balconies, Metal Decks, Fire escapes and Metal stairs, Metal roof painting and all other Exterior Metal surfaces that are exposed to the harsh elements here in Chicago. Corrosion & Rust begin on the surface, over time the Rust begins to penetrate, it eats it’s way in  and left untreated  over time significant amounts of corrosion  forms on ferrous metal surfaces where  it becomes a disease that needs to be treated or complete removal will be the only solution which will cost you a fortune. The good thing is Aardvark Painting and it’s Chicago Rust Painters offer a corrective rust & corrosion control system using only the best  system for painting exterior metal in Chicago. We use High performance Industrial rust & corrosion prevention and Our treatment using High performance Rust convertors, industrial primer, Alkyd, polyurethane and epoxy Industrial Coatings providing unprecedented protection.

After Metal deck Restoration Chicago Aardvark Painting Inc.

Sometimes the only way to be 100% effective  is to cut out any affected metal and replace it with new metal, plastic or some other suitable composite material.  The experience of removing rusted metal that is embedded in stucco or concrete is a dusty, dirty, noisy and an intrusive one. Rusted metal can be be removed by vigorous wire wheel grinding, hand sanding and hand grinding. Rust removal may be the only answer, coating over rust simply preserves it for later. There are very effective coatings for protecting metal that has not yet begun to rust. Once again prevention is more valuable than cure. The exterior annual cleaning and maintenance program we offer at Aardvark Painting Inc. will monitor the condition of the exterior of your building and provide the opportunity for timely intervention thus preventing the intrusion of rust caused by water, salt and areas where sealants are needed. The best system is a preventative maintenance a to fight off corrosion and rust, rust never sleeps and will eat your balconies, metal stairs, metal deck and any other exterior metal surfaces away. We offer a yearly maintenance program in which we combat the corrosion and rust before they destroy your investment. we are your rust restoration experts in Chicagoland.

Protect your metal staircase, balconies and metal decks.

Aardvark Painting can perform a wide variety of Exterior Metal Painting coating services:
  • Metal balconies
  • Metal staircases
  • Metal roof painting
  • Metal  Fences
  • Metal hand railings
  • Roof Coping
  • Metal Porch
  • Service Doors/Overhead Doors
  • Corrugated Metal Siding
  • Store front structural steel painting
  • Exposed metal ceilings
  • Metal piping
  • Steel Staircases & Balconies
  • Steel Play Structures
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Aircraft hangers
  • All Metal Surfaces
  • Front Porch
  • Metal hand rails
  • Metal trim
  • Metal canopy and canopies
  • Painting galvanized metal
  • Tin ceilings
  • Mailboxes
  • Wrought Iron fence painting
  • Steel Play Structures
  • rooftop Hvac units

 We also offer Balcony and fence repairs and installation.