Stucco Painting

Stucco painting
When painting stucco in Chicago we only use the best acrylic latex paint to allow maximum flexibility for your stucco .  Over time your stucco fresh coat of paint needs a new coat of paint.  Your  painting quote will be exact, detailed and include written explanations of the different stages in the painting that your home will need to look great and last a long time!

  1. Your house will be professionally power washed to remove loose paint, dirt, grim and any other contaminants prior to painting.
  2. Tarps, plastic and drop clothes will be used to protect from paint spills, paint chips and other construction related debris .
  3. All windows, light fixtures, doors, roof, etc. will be covered prior to painting.
  4. All minor cracks in stucco will be sealed with caulk or Elasto Meric Patching prior to painting.
  5. All stucco will be repaired.
  6. Prime paint where necessary.
  7. Emulsa Bond will be added to the first coat of paint for superior adhesion and flex.
  8. Clean up and organize equipment at the end of each day.
  9. Written Warranty Issued

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